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Postcards from the Past (courtesy of the Tom Wesdorp Collection)
Thanks to Jack Wesdorp for scanning and delivery.
Main Entrance
dated July 1909.
Main Entrance
date unknown.
Main Entrance retouched in color and dated 1916. Gate House, dated 1913,
probably being remodeled,
was purchased in 1907.
dated January 1911.
date unknown.
dated November 1915.
Marcy Lester Cottage,
shown fairly new here
was built in 1910.
date unknown.
Main House
probably the original
building, circa 1900.
Main House
dated July 1908.
Main House
circa 1912.
Bitter Sweet
retouched in color and dated January 1915.
Main House
circa 1920.
Main House
circa 1922.
Main House
circa 1930.
Crest, date unknown, was built in 1913. School House, date unknown, was built in 1914 and named after Miss Emily Watson. School House
date unknown.
School House
dated July 1936.
Plum, originally the Laundry was remodeled in 1918. Chapel of the Child, date unknown, was built in 1914. MacKenzie Infirmary
artist's color concept, built after 1960.
Pinetop: It is believed this was an early school house and boys dormitory that burned down near where the Chapel is today.

Converted slides from the Wesdorp family collection, taken from 1954 to 1959. Compliments of Jack Wesdorp
Another look at the Chapel of the Child. A look at the main road through the Chapel arch. Looking at Rapallo from the top of the hill. The Rap den with the dining room in the background.

Scanned photos compliments of Dan Dewey
Dan's corner of Big Dorm in Rap.

(circa 1960)
A Greer School brochure. The other side of the brochure.

Photos taken in October 1997 (Photographer: Tony Vaz)
Gatehouse from the
main road.
Gatehouse from the
lawn. Same picture
as on the home page.
View down the road to Marcy. View of the old
football field. Now
just tennis courts.
Daisy's former loc-
ation from the main road.
Daisy's fire pit or
what's left of it.
Daisy's foundation
with Gate in the
The old cow pasture. Daisy would be at
center with Rapallo at center right.
The old cow pasture
from near the girl's
hockey field. Rapallo
would be at center.
Looking down the
hill towards Daisy
site. Hockey field
would be left of tree on left.
Looking down the
path to Daisy. The
girls' hockey field
was at center left.
The white pine grove
overlooking Daisy.
Was great for picnics.
Hockey field in front.
High School as part of The Fountains at Millbrook complex. High School as part of The Fountains at Millbrook complex. High School as part of The Fountains at Millbrook complex. The "Mainhouse" of
The Fountains at Millbrook
.That cupola looks very familiar!
An aerial view of
The Fountains at Millbrook complex.
For perspective!
Florence Rapallo's
grave site.
The "road" to Ledge. The end of the road
for Ledge.

Is there any hope?
Chapel of the Child.
May it stand forever!
The old horse-
chestnut tree across
the street from the
Chapel of the Child.
Northern end of
Ledge. Can she be
Main entry way of
Ledge. Through
these portals...
Right church, right
pew. Some things
never change...and
that's good.
The most beautiful
sight at Hope Farm!
A 1950's site map. Drawn from memory
and a little help from Delorme's
Street Atlas 5.0! Submit later or earlier
versions for inclusion, if you like.
The old traffic circle
in Millbrook.
Halcyon Hall.
Better known as
Bennett Jr. College.
Halcyon Hall.
Another victim of
time and economics.
Halcyon Hall.
Good bye, ladies.
We loved you dearly!
Note: The aerial view of The Fountains at Millbrook was scanned from a postcard published by Millbrook Meadows, the former owners.
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