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These scanned photos courtesy of Jack Wesdorp (1954-1959)
The boys of Rapallo
with the Wesdorps
circa 1954
Names, anyone?
Senior Class of 1955
with the commencement

Cub Scout Pack
with Mom Morton and ?
circa 1955
Names, anyone?
Marinus Wesdorp
leaning on Rap sign
circa Winter 1954
Tom (l.) and Jack
in front of Rapallo
circa Winter 1954
Jack (l.) and Tom
wading in Rap Pool
circa Spring 1955
Jack (l.) and Tom
with mother, Wilhelmina
circa 1955
The Wesdorp Family
at Camp Barbey
circa 1955
Marinus Wesdorp
Rapallo houseparent
circa 1955

Converted slides from the Wesdorp family collection, taken from 1954 to 1959. Compliments of Jack Wesdorp)
Camp Barbey swimming pool during the girls session (circa 1956?). Greer School girls rallying around the May Pole in the gym. Cheerleaders from Greer outshining Millbrook. Greer and an unnamed team on the gridiron.
Field Day activities on the girl's hockey field. Either more Field Day activities or elementary school recess. Christmas dinner apparently for those who did not go "home" during the holidays. Plum kids at the annual Christmas ceremony.
Mr. Wesdorp and little Tommy in front of Rap. Another shot of the Rap "gang". (circa 1956?) Raking and burning leaves at Rap. Well, somebody had to do it!. Rap "gang" at the annual Christmas ceremony. (circa 1957 or 1958)
Walking home to Rap after a "hard" day at school. Vernon and the boys "bringing in the sheaths." Jack (l.) and Tom surveying the damage from an ice storm. (circa 1955) Ice skating on Rapallo Pond.
Staff Christmas Party. Staff Christmas Party. Staff Christmas Party. Staff Christmas Party.
1957 Martin play starring Bernie Pilz in the lead. 1957 Martin play.
From left: Bernie Orlamunder, Mike Ennis, Angel Cruz, Bernie Pilz
"Martin" and friend after the show. It's Bernie and Gail King? Penny was the one with short hair. Scene from "The Gondoliers" a Gilbert and Sullivan production. (circa 1958?) This appears to be Bob Tate and Suzie Murray.
Another scene from "The Gondoliers".

Names, anyone?
Another scene from "The Gondoliers".

Names, anyone?
Another scene from "The Gondoliers".

Names, anyone?
Another scene from "The Gondoliers".

Names, anyone?
Appears to be the 1955 or 1956 Memorial Day parade. Continuation of the 1955 or 1956 Memorial Day parade. Appears to be the 1957 Memorial Day parade. Continuation of the 1957 Memorial Day parade.
Continuation of the 1957 Memorial Day parade.

Scanned photos compliments of Dan Dewey
The 1959 Greer School at Red Hook football game.

The Greer players are wearing the white uniforms.
The 1959-1960 Basketball Squad.
From left:
Syd Nesbitt, Dean Hartz, Don Berger,
Bob Ildefonso, Dan Dewey, Ed Martin

Scanned photos compliments of Mrs. Gwen Elliott
Dr. A. Randle Elliott
Director, Greer School
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott with a
group of Greer School boys.
From left:
Harold Soo Hoo, Armin Ali,
Tom Tracy, Bob Jenkins
Mrs. Gwen C. Elliott
Bittersweet and an
unidentified student
after a heavy snow.
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott working
in the Bittersweet garden on a
fine May morning.

Just kidding! It's only April.
Another view of Bittersweet in the snow.
Miss Justine Murray

Be still, my quivering heart.

It's a compliment, Suzie!
A less formal shot of the 1955 seniors.

Come on guys, this is serious stuff!

Care to share the joke with us,
Miss Manz?
Mr. Brian Devendorf and an
unnamed accomplice.

Scanned photos of the Alfred Mathewson collection. Compliments of Peggy Mathewson Sparks
Greer students utilizing the Library.
Does anyone recognize somebody
so we can get a fix on the time period.
Looks like late 40's or early 50's.
What ever happened to all those
wonderful books?
An earlier shot of the camp
pool during the girls session.
Mrs. Mac is seated at the left.
Do you recognize anybody else?
Isn't that the Baywatch guy?
How did he rate?
Mrs. Fulton and a bunch of
camp followers going on a picnic.

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Digitized photos of the Greer - Darrow football game - Fall 1959. Compliments of John Nicholas
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