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Photos taken by John E "Jack" McHenry during his tenure at Greer School from 1951 to 1957. Compliments of John E. "Jackie" McHenry Jr. and Jim Mathewson
The gate at Gate House. Bittersweet circa 1951. Gate House boys in front of the gym and music center. Rollie Rolston and the Elliotts on the left. The gym and music center. Main House - late winter 1952.
The Library and Lower Classrooms. Marcy Lester Cottage. Daisy Cottage. Daisy Cottage - January 1956. Rapallo Cottage.
Chapel of the Child. View East from the Chapel. Chapel of the Child in Autumn. Chapel of the Child - February 1956. Ice storm results from Chapel - February 1956.
Plum Cottage. Plum Cottage kids. Greer Cottage - late winter 1955. High School circa 1956. Hemlocks - January 1956.
Crest Cottage. Crest Cottage - February 1956. Ledge Cottage circa 1955. Ice on wires - road to Ledge Cottage - February 1956. McKinley and Harpell houses.
The Gate House gang - December 1951. Gate House boys - June 1952. Ruth Fulton's 3rd grade class - March 1952. 8th grade graduates - June 1952. 8th grade graduating class - June 1952.
8th grade class - June 1952. Senior Prom - June 1952. Gate House boys and dates at June 1952 Senior Prom. Gate House dining room. Jackie's 1st birthday 1952. Gate House dining room. Jackie's 1st birthday 1952.
Gate House dining room. Dinner before Christmas vacation 1951. Class of 1954 with Mrs. Coulter. Senior class in June 1954. Deane Wright's 6th grade class in 1954. Deane Wright's 6th grade class in 1954.
Angie Oliver - Miss Liberty in the 6th grade's George Washington play - 1954. Baccalaureate Sunday - June 1955. Graduating Class of 1955. 1955 graduating class. Football game. Greer vs. Indian Mountain - October 1951.
Camp olympics circa 1952. Site unknown. Camp olympics circa 1952. Site unknown. Harriet Evdox. Betty Brown, Delores Wadeley, Gloria Sichel & Helen Scala 1952. Von Lackum Field - 1950's. Greer vs. Indian Mountain - 1951. Coach Fischer talks to the team.
Miss Thomas at 1952 Senior Prom. Barbara Juppe and Jerry Wolfe at 1952 Senior Prom. Larry and Gert Newhall - June 1952. Marilyne Scott, Pam Stobbe, Nancy Henry, Jo Anne Cenawood, Pauline Wendt & Gloria Sichel. Angie Oliver and ??? at 1957 Junior Prom.

Could be "Ildy".
Darby Sievers and ??? at 1957 Junior Prom.

Who is this guy? DAB?
Crest/Gate House party Oct 1951.

Notice any siblings?
Bea Fischer and Little Joe - October 1951. Bea Fischer and kids.

Not all hers!

Date unknown.
Clarke and John Moffitt - Christmas 1951.
Herbie Moore in 1952. "Whitey" Stark in 1953. Winet "Whitey" Stark - Spring 1953. Bill Sealy, an electrician and Bill who?

Date unknown.
Fred Hager, Ted Trommsdorff, Dot McHenry and Jack Rolston in December 1951.
Mom Morton, David Elliott and others decorating Easter eggs in April 1952. Easter 1952 - Rolston, Tromms-dorff, Gastel, Von Radics and unknown cleaning house. Joe Lopez and Lee Arvidson at Easter 1952.
Wax on, wax off, Grasshopper.
Eddie Baker cleaning a Gate House mirror in 1952. Gate House Easter cleanup in 1952.
Gwen and Randle Elliott - Christmas 1953. Mr. and Mrs. Fink with Gloria Sichel - June 1955. Mapledoram and Helen Christmas Fink - June 1955. Doris Rhinehart and Helen Fink - New Year's Eve 1955.

Too much punch!
Mr. Fink in silhou-ette after ice storm. Front of Chapel - February 1956.
Miss Thomas and Dot McHenry with Jackie at 2 months - January 1952. Helene Robertson, Dot McHenry, Gwen Elliott and others. New Year's Eve 1953. 1952 Thanksgiving dinner with Marie and Bill McKinley, Miss Sutton and Miss Kennedy. Dot McHenry and others on graduation day. Date and location unknown. Marie McKinley, Helen Fink, Bea Fischer and others whooping it up - New Year's Eve 1955.
Staff members at going away party for McHenrys and/or Fischers - 1957. Staff members at going away party for McHenrys and/or Fischers - 1957. Operation "May Pole" Spring Festival 1955. Operation "May Pole" Spring Festival 1955. Jackie McHenry - Spring 1953.

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