Greer - Hope Farm Alumni Association
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Sorry! There is no longer a guestbook on this site.
You are requested to E-mail with the following information:

1. Your name (as you were known at Greer - Hope Farm)
2. Your E-mail address(es)
3. Your years at Greer - Hope Farm
4. Your graduating class (regardless if you were with them at the end or not)
5. Your status there (e.g., Student, Staff, Staff Child, Day Student, etc.)
6. Your interest in getting the Newsletter
7. Your interest in attending the Reunion (next one is September 22, 2012 - see the Reunion News page for details)
8. Your memories of Greer - Hope Farm or any other comments
9. Publication of your name okay or not.

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After I receive your E-mail, I will add your name (if you desire) to the list of names having E-mail addresses on the Greer Links page.
If you want to contact a particular person or persons, I will forward your message to them
(you send to me - I send to them - they send to you - I'm out of the loop).

Feel free to anytime!

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