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Greer School - Hope Farm Alumni / Staff Links

E-mail links will no longer be displayed on this web site to discourage "Internet farming" for SPAM lists. Listed below are the names of Alumni and Staff that I have E-mail addresses for. If you wish to contact a particular individual, send an E-mail to them care of me and I will forward it to them. They can then contact you directly if they choose to do so. I have accumulated these namess from Guestbook entries, information received from the Greer - Hope Farm Alumni Association and in some cases, through Internet searches. If you do not want your information displayed on this page, please contact me by E-mail at

and I will remove it. If any information is incorrect or incomplete, please notify me by E-mail as soon as possible. Thank you.

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David Abel (1954-1957)
Jim Anderson (1950-1964)
Nick Anderson (1950-1961)
Paul Bassett (1955-1957)
Don Berger (1956-1961)
Pamela Kiser Berkey (1963-1964)
Doug and Janet "Mitzi" Schaefer Berry
        (Him: 1953-1960) (Her: 1963-1964)
Pat Monza Bertram (1948-1957)
Albert Borsodi (1953-1956?)
Rita Playfair Bourne (1958-1965)
Dolan Brammer (1957-1966)
Vince Brooks (1963-1967)
Donald Brown, Ph. D. (1947-1953)
George Burns (1945-1950)
Diane Sievers Cadima (1953-1959)
Peter Caram (1961-1965)
Emily Carlson (1947-1950)
Pat Childe Carpenter (1943-1949)
Betty Burr Clarke´┐Ż(1934-1947)
Bob Constantine (1944-1948)
Ronald Cooper (1952-1959)
Vera Lee Jones Coutant (1947-1955)
Cheryl Montaigne Crawford (1952-1958)
Nancy Pitcher Crawford-Sullivan (1948-1950)
Peter (Pedro) Cruz (1954-1959)
Herbert Cuevas (1932-1942)
Lance Simmelkjaer Curley (1959-1960)
Angela Oliver D'Ambrosio (1949-1958)
Alex Deeb (1935-1941)
Joe Delisle (1955-1967)
Barbara McGiffin Derrey (1949-1951)
Richard N. Devaux (1943-1953)
Daniel Dewey (1951-1961)
Albert Dilks (1951-1963)
Chris Doyle (1952-1959)
Pamela Fernandez Doty (1951-1964)
Harry James DuMond (1948-1954)
Jim Elliman (1952-1955)
Susan Agnew Bosanko Elter (1966-1968)
Jim Elliman (1952-1954)
Michael Neil Ennis (1948-1958)
Delores "Dee" Wadeley Filer (1945-1954)
Anne Meyrowitz Foster (1955-1961)
Chip Fowler (1951-1956)
Emil Freitas (1948-1957)
Raul E. Gandara (1946-1952)
Carl and Eunice Ginder (1966-1982)
Russell W. Golden Jr. (1943 - 1957)
Helen Greene (1954-1955)
Peter M. Guild (1952-1954)
Doug Hamilton (1965-1968)
Dr. John Hammer (1952-1959)
Darryl Hannon (1954-1960)
George I. Hanson (1936-1947)
Roger Harding (1942-1947)
Diane Louise Hawkes (1945-1953) c/o brother below
Richard Palmer Hawkes (1945-1951)
Nora Lea Abel Hayden (1954-1957)
George "Gabby" Hays (1942-1948)
Richard R. "Dick" Heisel (1952-1956)
Roland "Ron" Herwig (1958-1961)
Dick Hilsinger (1939-1947)
Patricia "Pat" Dean Hilsinger (1946-1950)
Suzanne Ketcham Hofer (1961-1964)
John Hudnor (1951-1963)
Robert "Bob" Ildefonso (1950-1960)
George Johnson (1954-1956)
Jim Johnson (1960-1962)
John Jordy (1966-1968)
Robert Kennedy (1948-1957)
Agnes Slewick Kraker (1944-1950)
Pat Wolverton LoCasto (1956-1967)
James Lucas (1939-1948)
Richard and Betty Brown Lucas
        ((Him: 1939-1952) (Her: 1941-1953)
Reginald Mabie (1933-1939)
Jim Mathewson (1947-1954)
Pam Mauro (1959-1963)
Harriet Evdox Mock McArthur (1939-1945 & 1949-1953)
Bill Monza (1950-1959)
Diana Munzer (1947-1957)
Jan Nagy (1969-1970)
Charmi Neely-Mulvihill (1953-1963)
George A. Nikolatos (1959-1967)
Floyd Oliver (1948-1958)
Thomas M. Oliver (1948-1957)
Bernhard "B.O." Orlamunder (1949-1958)
Ingo Orlamunder (1949-1956)
Darby Sievers Ortolano (1953-1959)
Louis Paul (1940)
Pamela Pequeno (1957-1968)
Pat Jordan Picco (1953-1957 & 1960-1963)
Hildi Walton Plunkett (1950-1958)
Alban Richey (1940-1942)
James P. Richey (1940-1942)
Jack K. Rolston (1946-1957)
Inge F. Rothenberg (1945-1950)
Penny Harned Scoggins (1953-1956)
Wilson Stanley Scott (1941-1948)
Bill Seeley(1947-1952)
Mary Ann MacDonald-Segear(1938-1941) - grandson's link
Gwen Jones Sidney (1947-1954)
George Sievers (1953-1959)
Sue Keith Sorrentino(1960-1979)
Peggy Mathewson Sparks (1947-1959)
Thomas G. Stark (1950-1956)
"Whitey" Stark (1950-1956)
John Stolting (1952-1958)
Michael de Mare Stolting (1952-1958)
Bob Tate (1955-1959)
Pamela Rogers Tooke (1958-1961)
Erika Tracy (19??-1963)
Norm Van Raay (1942-1948 & 1952-1958)
Tony Vaz (1952-1960)
Victor Vaz (1953-1960)
Vic Von Radics (1952-1957)
Zoe Gail Walton (1957-1958)
Tom Wesdorp (1954-1959)
Jean Elizabeth Wilkinson (192?-1936)
Eve Meyrowitz Williams (1955-1964)
Gary and Cherri Abrahamsen Wood
        ((Him: 1959-1960) (Her: 1956-1962)

The 2nd and 3rd Generation's E-mail
"Nikki" Baack-Brooks
        (Jean Augusta Decker-Baack 1946-1950)
Nancy Devaux (Eugene E. Devaux 1943-1955)
George Groh, Jr.(write in care of daughter below)
Dorry Groh-Tompsett (George Groh's granddaughter)
&Stacey A. Groh (George Groh's granddaughter)
Diane Lindenberger (Clarence Harpell's granddaughter)
Bonnie MacLean (Parents and aunt 1930's)
Susan Spetrini (Esther Woods 1912-1922)

Web Pages (Please report any broken links.)
The Fountains at Millbrook This is what Greer School - Hope Farm is today!

The Millbrook Inn This is the bed and breafast inn that Gate House has become.

"Judy's Blues" Courtesy of the late Judy Wallace Gries

Poughkeepsie Journal A local newspaper.

ClassMates.Com Register yourself

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