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Greer - Hope Farm Alumni Association Archives
Sports and Recreation

This page is devoted to the display of photos of Hope Farm and Greer School sports and recreation activities.

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Coach Joe Fischer teaching the "Buddy System" to Reservoir swimmers. A young Jack Rolston is seen in front of the Coach. Taking the girls around for a spin.

Some guys had all the luck!
From one extreme to the other.

Another he-man!
"Hey, dudes! Surf's up.......

I mean...."

Who is this guy?
Trolling for swordfish at the Res.

Anyone know this angler?
"Golly, how did he do that?"

Anyone know these guys?
Another hot game of checkers.
One of these guys is identified as Bud Goe. Do you know which one?
A couple of archery buffs in front of the Gym (circa 1942).
Left: June Markham
Right: Peter Boykey
Plum kids engaged at Tug-of-War in 1957.

Their first Battle of the Sexes!
You can't sit down.
Boys win!

Wanna go for best 2 outta 3?
Plum kids doing what they did best.

Peewee footballers huddling around the Coach in 1954.

The Hope Farm football team in 1934.

The Greer School basketball team in the early 40's.

The Greer School basketball team in late 1950.

Good for 2!
The Greer School basketball team in late 1950.

A shot of the prettiest cheerleaders in 1957 Dutchess County.

Here's another one.

Okay, so they moved around a little bit. You figure out who's who!
The 1954 Field Hockey Team.

The Greer School basketball team in late 1954.

Rollie passes to Tom.
A 1930's basketball hopeful.

Does anyone know her?
A 1950's basketball hopeful.

Miss Cecile Moore.
(circa 1952)
Little League baseball in 1958 - Greer style.

A couple of unidentified soft-
ballers (circa 1958).

Does anyone know them?

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