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Greer - Hope Farm Alumni Association Archives
Mixed Company

This page is devoted to the display of photos of mixed boys, girls, men and women of Greer School and Hope Farm in leisurely or scholarly activities.
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The 1927 Greer School Band performing at the Baldwin Estate. The first Manhattan Project.

circa 1936

Know anybody?
A Dramatics Club presentation - title unknown. circa 1956

The 1957 Dramatics Club belting one out.

A view of the Library in the 30's. The boy sitting alone is Brian Morton.

Know anybody else?
Study time in the Library.

Know anybody or approx. year?
An external view of the Library.

Know anybody or approx. year?
Part of the Class of '53 posing in front of the Library.

Appears to be the 4th grade classroom.

Know anyone or approx. year?
The 1951 5th Grade Class aka Class of '58.

The 5th grade of 1944 or 1945.

Some names
Appears to be the 6th grade classroom. A note on the back identifies left front as Joan Harpell.
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Greer students and staff advisers during a visit in Albany to observe NY state government on 02/29/56. Names The 1958 Senior Y.P.F. Names

This picture and the legend will be found in the 1958 Talisman.
The 1966 Memorial Day Parade.

The leaders are just passing the old cannery.
A minute or so later nearing the cemetery.

Mr. Tom Percy is at far left.
Mr. Frederick Behrends, Director (1927-1947) accepts foodstuffs for the needy from Plum children. Plum children delivering baskets of foodstuffs for the needy.
L. to R.
Angie Oliver
Plum children hanging pledges during the Christmas Service. Before 1962, when Miss Sutton (R.) retired. A couple of young kids hanging pledges during the Christmas Service. Too old for Plum.
Know them? Year?
Some of the younger children in the auditorium balcony.

Know anyone or approx. year?
Appears to be the 1st grade classroom.

Know anyone or approx. year?
The Class of '56 graduating from the 8th grade in 1952.

Appears to be the 1958 Confirmation Class. Names

Don't recognize any of the girls! Do you?
This looks like it may be the entrance to Plum.
Does anyone know for sure or know any of the kids?
Plum kids hard at play in 1957.
L. to R.
Sherman Beaumont
Vaughn Rocha
Grace Bates being aggravated by Jerome Tickle. A view through the Chapel doors. Picture is dated 1966.

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