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Greer - Hope Farm Alumni Association Archives

This page is devoted to the display of photos of work and job-related situations that occurred at Greer School or Hope Farm.

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"You da Man!" that started it all.

Bishop David Hummel Greer
The Board of Directors that kept it going. Mrs. Russell A. Hibbs, a co-founder sits at center.

circa mid-50's
The Clothing Store.

Appears to be from the 30's.

Know anybody?
Laundry operation.

Could be anytime up to mid-50's.

Know anybody?
Mrs. Freitag creating a new batch of mad scientists! (circa late 40's or early 50's)

Know anybody?
Mrs. Elliott and Pauline Wendt "manning" the fire watch station in 1955? Not quite!
Click here to see what they are really doing.
Mr. Fink mortars in the cornerstone, presumably of the new vocational center in 1958. After all, he designed it. Mr. Fink and Mr. Groh supervising the building of the "Wigwam" in 1951.
It was lost during the Laundry fire in '58.
Future homemaker.

Charmi Neely
Future homemakers.

L. to R.
Winnifred Rittgers
Penelope Klyce
Future homemakers.

Looks like Tommy Oliver in front.

Know anybody else?
Future homemakers.

Betty Brown is in the center.

Know anybody else?
John Moffitt raking leaves in 1954. In 1955, he'll list his ambition as Engineer.
Wonder why?
Learning the plumbing trade (circa 1952)
L. to R.
B. Smith
Mr. C. Wixon
Russell Housen
A couple of cheap chiselers. What do you expect at 15.5 cents an hour? L. to R.
The "Other" Bob Jenkins
Waiting for Pay Day.
(circa 1952)
Can't they ever spell "Mathewson" with just one 't'?
Forestry Crew at work in 1954.

Jack Rolston (l.) and John Travlos earning their 15.5 cents an hour.
An earlier Forestry Crew at work.

Earning considerably less in the 30's or 40's.
The 1958 Forestry Crew harvesting timber in preparation for the new home economics building. Names Next log.

Syd stepped off to the right out of camera view.
Mr. Fink leads a group of boys and male staff members in the 1953 annual tree planting activity.
Know anybody?
Mr. Fink leads another group of boys and male staff members in the 1958 annual tree planting activity.
A few tree planting standouts of 1958.
L. to R.
Dean Hartz
Tom Buchanan
Bob Tate (?)
Cinching them down. Mark, George and Jim preparing the load to travel.
Dean Hartz.

Working or just trying to make friends?
(circa 1959)
Three unidentified "farmhands" hooking up a plow.
(date unknown)

Know anybody?
Harvesting corn. Looks like Lee Arvidson driving and Whitey Stark in the sailor's cap.
Know anybody else?
Boys harvesting something in the 20's or 30's? Canning next.
Know anybody, crop or approx. year?
Constructing the greenhouse in back of the school building, some time in the late 20's. Young boys and girls tending their gardens in the late 30's.

The older boy is Brian Morton.
Boys canning tomatoes.
(date unknown)

Know anybody or approx. year?
Gathering what looks like hickory nuts in the 30's or 40's.

"Knock 'em out, John..."
More future homemakers.
(date unknown)
Do you know either of them or where they are?
It's just a job...
It's just a job...
It's just a job.

(date unknown)
Know anyone?
It's our own Jim Morton checking out the goodies in his role as Commisary Manager.
(date unknown)
Master Chef Konstantin Keuler in 1958.

Affectionately known as Konnie.
Future homemaker?
Fetching a ham for supper. Looks a little like Tony Voight.
(date unknown)
Early work detail un-loading apple or potato crates from a wagon. (date unknown)

Know anyone? Ha!

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