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Greer - Hope Farm Alumni Association Archives

This page is devoted to the display of photos of girls and women of Greer School and Hope Farm in liesurely or scholarly activities.

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Future homemakers.
A sewing class in the late 40's or early 50's.
LJ Harrington believes the tall dress model is his mother,
Janet Maltz.
Future homemakers.

L. to R.
Peggy Mathewson
Mary Gibson
Pat Monza
Future homemakers.

L. to R.
Angie Oliver
Pat Jordan?
Future homemakers.

A 7th grade Home Economics class in 1957.
A landscape version of the existing Camp Pool photo showing more people.

Another see-sawer getting high.
(circa 1954)

Judith Colleypriest Eichner believes this is her.
A group of girls at play (circa 1961)

Recognize anybody?
Flying high in 1954.

Looks like the swingset at Camp Barbey.

Anyone know her?
This "Cutie Pie" has been identified as Pamela Pequeno.

Anyone care to comment?
Another one.

Anyone know who she is?
And still another one.

Anyone know who she is?
Here she is again. Now you can tell she lived here in the 60's when they had a central dining room.
One more for kicks.

Anyone know who she is?
An early flower child (circa 1954)

Anyone know who she is?
"I wonder if they will let me keep you."
(Date unknown)

Anyone know who she is?
Getting ready for motherhood. (1960's)

Andrew Sewell says she is Paulette Eypper.
And what's your name, little girl with the big smile?

Hey you! Why don't you go and have a talk with Mr. Shay. What seems to be on your mind, my dear? Worked every time!

Name anyone?
Aye! It's the bonnie MacGregor lasses, Rosemary (l.) and Jacqueline.
Or could it be the other way around?
Mrs. Robertson's pride and joy!

Little Amy.
A penny for your thoughts, little girl.

Vaughn Rocha.
Environmentally responsible.

Diane Wagnon
"Test, schmest. This is boring."

Rebecca Davis.

(Date unknown)
Ledge girls cramming for mid-term exams and missing out on all that snow.

Ledge girls getting ready for the worlds of big business and real estate.

Miss Gloria Sichel completing her 13 year residency at Greer in 1955.

Where is she now?
Is this Crest or Ledge? And who is that lady?

"Now what am I gonna do? Someone swiped my nose."

Anyone know her?
A staff member buttoning up a young girl. (circa 1962)
Andrew Sewell says it is Mrs. Peg Lang and Paulette Eypper.
Future artists working in what looks like a ski storage area.

Know anyone or where they are?
Girls talking about boys! (circa 1942)

Know anyone or the location?
An evening at Greer Cottage. Identified thus far are Joan Bardsley, Peggy Mathewson and Ms. Larsen.
Can you help?
A couple of sun bathers from 1969.

Do you know either of them?

Invading the BOY'S shop!

Just kidding, Chip!
A group of unidentified girls leaving Greer cottage. It had seen better days.

Know any of them?
The monthly meeting of the "Get Behind the Couch When Chip Gets Her Playgirl Issue Club"


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