The 1963 Talisman

   Mike has a certain charm about him that makes him enjoyable to have around. He is a happy-go-lucky guy, which sometimes hinders him when he should be serious.
   He played football (3, 4), basketball (3, 4) and baseball (3, 4), and was active in the Boy Scouts (1, 3, 4) and the Explorers (2).
   Mike wants to take up business education after graduation. With the perserverance that he will need, he may be an important businessman some day.

   Although he is inclined to be lackadaisical in his manner, when there is something that needs doing which he strongly believes in, you can count on Al to get it done.
   Al's interest in sports has led him to play football (1, 2, 3), basketball (2) and baseball (1), and to be active in the Explorers (1, 2) and Hunting Club (4).
   Anything in connection with mechanics will always bring out the best in Al. His favorite pastime is working with cars. His ambition is to become a mechanic, and he is striving hard to do so.
   Motto: If you think you are right, go ahead and do it, no matter what other people say.


   Dede likes being around people sharing her thoughts and laughing with them. As it distresses her to see people unhappy, she feels well rewarded if she can comfort them in any way. Because of her oversensitivity, Dede often lets small things which should be taken lightly, upset her.
   She likes sports but hasn't given as much time to them as she would like. She enjoyed playing basketball (2) and hockey (2).
   As president of the class (2), and Editor-in-Chief of the Red and White, Dede showed that she had some of the qualities that make a good leader. However, she was lacking in the forcefulness that was needed.
   She won the Cottage Award (1) when she was in Crest cottage and the Herbert Bender Loyalty Award (3), "for instilling in the children at Greer a sense of loyalty to the school".
   Dede has enjoyed the privelege of being a cheerleader (2, 3, 4), serving on the Community Association as a representative, and on different committees, (1, 2, 3 4) and singing in the Choir (2, 3, 4).
   At this time she is interested in law, and hopes to be a lawyer in some field in the future.
   Motto: Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.

   His pleasant personality, catchy smile, and sense of humor make him fun to be with. He is generally interesting to talk to and easy to get along with, but tends to be quick in passing judgements.
   He believes in getting things done and getting them done right. He is admired for this and often been asked to be a leader in class and community affairs, but he didn't always want to take on these responsibilities. He an-swered these requests somewhat by being vice-president (3) of the class and editor-in-chief of the yearbook.
   "Hud's" favorite sport and topic of conversation is football (1, 2, 3, 4).
   At this time, his ambition is to get a college education.
   Motto: To be heard, speak up; to be seen, stand up; to be appreciated, shut up.

   Pat contributes most to our class in the way of artistic ability, original ideas, and her infectious laugh. When she develops her ideas to maturity, they are quite efective. However, she often tends to be slow, thus retarding their progress.
   She enjoys playing sports, but because of the time element involved, has only played softball (2). Although she was unable to participate in girls' sports, she had the distinction of being a cheerleader (3, 4).
   As a citizen of the community, Pat has been a member of the Glee Club (2), and the Activities' Committee of the Community Association (3, 4).
   Foremost in Pat's goals for life is that of being a homemaker. She has a challenging job ahead of her, and success should make her very happy.
   Motto: When you smile, the whole world smiles too.

   Ambition is one of his outstanding characteristics. With a little more confidence in himself and patience towards others, he will probably be a successful businessman. To help him acheive this aim, Bob is planning to take up Business Administration in college.
   Bob has shown much athletic ability in his participation in football (1, 2, 3, 4), basketball (2, 3, 4) and baseball (2, 3, 4).
   He is the president of the Senior Class this year, and is showing his potentialities of becoming a good leader. He proved to be conscientious in monetary affairs when he was the treasurer (3) of the class.
   In the community life of Greer, Bob was a member of the Greer School Community Association on the Activities' Committee. He won the cottage award (2) when he was in Rapallo cottage for making life more pleasant there.
   Motto: Life is what you make it. Remember this, and you will be better off.


   They say "Good things come in small packages," and it certainly applies in Charmi's case. She may be small in size, but her warm personality makes this a matter of small importance.
   Her competance in keeping records of business at meetings has been influential in gaining for her the position of secretary of the class (1, 2, 3, 4) and secretary of the Community Association (4). She has also been active in the Community Association as a member of the Activities' Committee (2), and the Board of Appeals (3, 4).
   Last year she was awarded a Vocational Award for good work and the Herbert Bender Loyalty Award "for instilling in the children at Greer a sense of loyalty to the school".
   She wants to take up Business Education in college to prepare for commercial teaching. If she can overtake procrastination, which often stands in the way, she will some day be passing her knowledge of secretarial skills on to others.

   Pam is known for her scintillating wit and readiness to laugh at a good joke. The art of jesting, which she has, helps to brighten the dreariest day.
   For the past three years, Pam has been preparing for a career as a private secretary. She has developed her skills in typing and shorthand very well, and has gained a great deal of initiative needed for this career.
   Although it was a little late, Pam started taking her school work seriously last year, and was awarded the Newhall Growth Award for her improvement. She also won the Roeliff Brooks Award (3) for her willingness and for the quality of her vocational work.
   Her community activities include hockey (1, 2), Glee Club (2, 4), and Cheerleading (4).
   Motto: Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone.


   He may be considered the life of the party, for when he is around, there is seldom a dull moment. His winning smile and infectious laugh get the best of those around him. When Roger is not smiling, it is either because he is ill or depressed.
   His favorite sports are football (2, 3, 4) and baseball (2, 3, 4). He also likes basketball (3).
   In addition to being fun-loving, "Rog" is also responsible. This important factor was brought out when he was treasurer (2) of the class, assistant editor of the Red and White, the school newspaper, and chairman of the Board of Appeals (3) of the Greer School Community Association. This year he is proving himself as vice-president of the class and of the Community Association.
   Roger's mathematical ability for which he won the Math Award (3), will no doubt be an important asset in his plans to become an engineer or a pilot.
   Motto: What I am to be, I am now becoming.

   Though Skip has been with us for a short time, he has become an impor-tant part of Greer in every way. He has the type of personality that is hard to find, and when it is found it is greatly appreciated. His outstanding personal qualities received recognition with the Brian Morton Award (3) for kindness to little children, and the Leroy Von Lackum Memorial Award (3) for being the most outstanding citizen at Greer.
   Skip's favorite sport is basketball (3, 4) although he played football (3, 4) and baseball (2).
   He has qualities of a good leader, as was discovered last year when he was president of the class, qualities which are still coming out this year in his role as president of the Community Association.
   Skip's ambition is to become a social worker, and he will undoubtedly be successful.


   In previous years, Diane has been a rather quiet member of the class in that she kept to herself most of the time doing only what she was obligat-ed to do. Realization that she was now a senior and it was her last year, opened her eyes, and she has become an active member of the class in every sense of the word.
   Diane expressed her enjoyment of sports by playing basketball (1, 2), hockey (1, 2) and softball (1, 2). She has been a faithful member of the Glee Club (2, 3, 4) for which she won the Choir Cross (2), and of Young People's Fellowship (2, 3, 4). She also has artistic ability which she put to use as art editor of the Red and White, the school newspaper.
   Diane's greatest ambition is to be a Christian wife and mother.
   Motto: íPor todas, Dios! (Above all, God!)
   We were freshmen. It was time to settle down a bit and take things a little more seriously. People told us that our first year of high school would be hard, and they were quite right. We had to get used to longer, more difficult homework assignments and take on a little more responsibility. Our academic standing was basically good, but there were a few whose names constantly appeared on the Failing List. We revealed our capabilities socially when we sponsored a successful Sadie Hawkins Dance and a St. Patrick's Day Dance. We wound up the year with a fabulous picnic which consisted of plenty of food and fun at Baird Park.
   Several challenges confronted us when we became sophomores. We tackled them somehow. We were responsible for publishing the Red and White, the school newspaper. This was a very hectic operation, because interest in the paper fluctuated constantly. We were late for many suppers and missed many Friday night movies trying to get the Red and White out on time. That year we were responsible for the St. Valentine's Dance. Once again we were successful, for everyone enjoyed the decorations, refreshments, and the "Stagger Lee" skit.

   The Prom, which we sponsored in our junior year, was one of our first big projects. We had planned for it from September to May. We tried to develop many themes and finally settled on Springtime. Using green and white crepe paper, artificial flowers and leafy branches, we transformed the gym into a garden. At the last minute, we were still running around getting things we had forgotten. After the Prom, the sleepy couples went to Gate House where they were served a breakfast of pancakes and sausages.
   How quickly time slips by. It seems like only yesterday that we were freshmen, and now we are about to graduate. In the fall, we held a cake sale. We had learned important lessons from the results of the one we had held earlier, and there was food enough to satisfy the biggest Greer appetites.
   Acting in The Martin Play was a warm and moving experience. It was not until the night of the performance that we began to feel our parts, and we became so involved that we ceased to be nervous. The audience seemed to catch the spirit of the play, and we were pleased.
   Now the history of the Class of 63 is almost complete. It makes us sad to think that ours will be the last senior class to walk down the Chapel aisle on Commencement Day, June 22nd.

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