The 1962 Talisman

   John, a quiet individualist, is looking forward to a future in the field of forest management at the University of Maine. Much of his spare time has been spent in Greer's woods while hunting.
   Apart from his interest in forestry, but not unimportant in his future, are sports. A left guard on the football team, he made the Bi-Valley All Star Team four years in a row. As a Senior he was co-captain of the football team. He also participated on the baseball team for four years.
   John's dependable ways have led him to be chosen treasurer of his class (2, 3) and president (4). His ruggedness showed up in the Explorers to which he belonged for the three years that it existed.
   John may appear to be shy to people who do not know him well, but he is fun-loving in his own conservative way. He is a good worker and received a Vocational Award (3) for his work.
   John's philosophy: "In solitude one finds only what he carries there with him."
   Tom, who is at this time the president of the Greer School Community Association, shows possibilities of making his way in the world as a leader. His acceptance of responsibility and his commom sense have led him to be chosen as president of the Class (2), and the president of the Explorers (1, 2, 3).
   A fullback on the football team for the two years he played (3, 4), he made the Bi-Valley All Star Team both years. He has also played on the Greer basketball team (1) and baseball team (1, 2, 3, 4).
   Although he is a big tease, his increasing gravity and maturity through the years have been noticed by many, although sometimes belied by the still frequent grin. He received a Vocational Award (3) and the Albrecht Award (4).
   Tom plans to go to college and major in Business Administra-tion. After college, he is contemplating a military career but has no definite plans.
   Tom's philosophy: "Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not."


   Paula, who is looking forward to a future as an Executive Secre-tary, has been receiving varied help from her experiences at Greer. She has been the Class secretary for three years and in her Senior year was also the secretary of the Greer School Community Association. She has received typing and shorthand awards for speed and accuracy. Working in the Student Bank has also added experience which will be helpful in her career.
   Although she may be slightly tempermental, she is fun-loving and usually the first to suggest something new and exciting in the way of entertainment. She looks and plans ahead. Because of her enthusiasm for the future, she should accomplish much.
   Paula is gaining poise, but is by no means as reserved as she may seem. She has taken part in activities such as Cheerleading (4), Dra-matics (3, 4) and Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4).
   Paula's philosophy: "O God, set back thy universe and give me yesterday."
   Bill, a witty character, could be considered the life of the party. He always has a pun to brighten up a depressing situation.
   He is not an enthusiast as far as sports go, but he did play on the Greer football team for two years (2, 3).
   He participated in the Greer School Dramatic Guild in his Junior and Senior years.
   A little more on the serious side, but still making use of his hum-orous ideas, he is now interested in a career in journalism. He plans to go to college to develop his ability to write.
   Bill's philosophy: "All experience is an arch, to build upon . . ."


   Cherri, whose ability to write has led her to be interested in journ-alism, is planning to attend Hunter College in New York as an English Major.
   Although she is not forward, she is by no means shy. She took part in the Choir (1, 2, 4) and Glee Club (1, 2, 4). She participated also in the Greer Dramatics Guild (1, 4). She was not interested in sports, but was active on the Cheerleading Squad (4).
   Cherri's interest in class activities has led her to be chosen as treas-urer (1, 4) and president (3). Not liking to be inactive nor to stay on a strict schedule, she took typing as an extra course and received awards for this (2, 3). Because of her scholastic ability, she received the class award (3) also.
   Cherri's philosophy: "What we know is little compared to what we must learn."
   Eddie, whose strong, silent common sense outlook has made him respected throughout the school, has had a varied life at Greer.
   One of the mainstays of the football team, he has played for four years, acting as co-captain in his Senior year. Active also in basket-ball and baseball, he has received two Sportmanship Awards.
   Although Ed is quiet-spoken, he is not the type to sit back and let life go by him. He has been president of the Greer School Commun-ity Association (3) and president of his class (1). His experience in conducting the Community Association Assemblies assisted him in Public Speaking, and he received the Publis Speaking Award (3). As a Senior, he also received the Albrecht Award.
   Ed plans to go to college, and wants to major in Business Admin-istration.
   Ed's philosophy: "Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave."


   Dick, a comparitively recent addition to our class has become an active member. He has offered any ideas he has had to benefit the class.
   Although he is not the forward type, neither is he a shy, reserved person. He took part in the Greer Dramatics Guild for two years (3, 4). He participated also in the Explorer group (2, 3).
   He was on the Greer football squad (4), and also played basketball (3).
   Dick is not interested in attending college, but he would like to make a career in the United States Air Force. Because he is so enthu-siastic about this, he should succeed in his ambition.
   Dick's philosophy: "In everything, one must consider the end."




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