The 1943 Yearbook "Memories"

Published by the Graduating Class of '43
Class Colors

Navy Blue and Silver
Class Flower

Lilies of the Valley
"Today Let Us Do or Die"





       We, the graduating class of '43, extend this book in hopes of acquainting you with our experiences and undertakings during our years at Greer, and with our aspirations for the future ahead.

       We, the Senior Class of '43, wish to leave our deepest thanks for the policy of helpfulness and faithful direction which the Board of Directors, the Executive Staff, and the Teaching Staff have practiced towards us. We are grateful.



       Our classbook is dedicated to Mapledoram Fink, our Senior Class advisor, and Administrative Principal of our school.
       Often the students have remarked that he looks and acts as "Honest Abe" must have, for he seems to have the understanding and other great virtues of Lincoln.
       To us he is a real friend, as well as a pal and in past years he has never been too busy for one of us who had a personal problem to discuss, for we could be assured of a synpathetic, frank and unbiased opinion.
       To all of us he was a second "Dad" and especially to those who never knew a real father, and with this thought in mind, we leave our MEMORIES with Mr. Fink, our friend and pal.



       The members of the Senior Class of 1943 wish to express their appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. William McKinley for their years of devoted service to our class.

       It will always be said of them that they had an infectious smile and a cheery word for everyone. Both are beloved and familiar figures on our campus. They have served Greer School for 34 years, and in that time have seen many changes in the student body. To every member of our class they have given kindly and loving advice. Helping us to build and mold our character for our future life.

       We take the greatest delight in dedicating our page of appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. "Mac."



Arthur W. Butler, President
Edward Pulling, Vice President Charles C. Gifford, Treasurer
Victor Elting, Secretary
Hulbert S. Aldrich Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Labouisse, Jr.
Hugh D. Auchincloss Livingston T. Merchant
Mrs. Henry G. Barbey Mrs. David Rockefeller
The Rev. Roelif H. Brooks, S.T. D. Dr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Russell
Mrs. Arthur W. Butler Mrs. Alfred Seton
Mrs. Charles C. Gifford Mrs. Frederick Sheffield
Mrs. Russell A. Hibbs Dr. Alan DeForest Smith
Mrs. Charles Kaufmann The Rt. Rev. Ernest M. Stires, D.D.
Mrs. John W.F. Treadwell


Frederick G. Behrends, Director
Louise E. Williams, Assistant-to-the-Director
Mapledoram Fink, Administrative Principal, Advisor to Twelfth Grade
M. Josephine Thomas, Supervisory Principal
Alice Baker -- Dietician Harry Klein -- Maintenance Superintendent
Elizabeth Barnes -- Clothing Buyer Anna Knowles -- Seventh Grade
Elizabeth Blanco -- Home Economics Mary Lee Rife Lerch -- Greer Cottage
Frank Braynard -- History, Civics, Econ. Marie McKinley -- Camp Director
   Geography, Scouts, Tenth Grade Lana McWhorter -- Nurse
Jean Burt -- Eighth Grade, Girls' Physical Nellie Morton -- Marcy Cottage
   Education Anne Mueller -- Crest Cottage
Charlotte Day -- Third and Fourth Grades, Dorothy Nagel -- Daisy Cottage
   Advisor to Young People's Fellowship William Nagel -- Daisy Cottage
Florence Devine -- Commercial Paul Ney -- Farm Superintendent
Mary Drew -- Main House Hostess, Choir Mary Nunn -- Bookkeepr
Helen C. Fink -- Sixth Grade Gladys Parker -- English, Dramatics,
Ruth Fulton -- Fifth Grade, Librarian    Eleventh Grade
Emerald Harper -- Social Worker Ann Powers -- Mathemetics, Ninth Grade
Betty Harrison -- First and Second Grades Gertrude Sutton -- Plum Cottage
Ruth Higby -- Ledge Cottage Edward Sylvester -- Gatehouse, Boy's Physical
Irene Jensen -- Rapallo Cottage    Education
Peter Jensen -- Supervisor of Children's Elynore Sylvester -- Gatehouse
   Work, Rapallo Cottage Daniel Veggiano -- Science



       We, the mighty seniors, wish to show to you, our friends, the advancement of our class since the Eighth Grade.

       Ours was the only class to completely graduate in the Eighth Grade, also known as the worst for making noise. While accomplishing these wonderful feats, we presented a Chinese play and a Minstrel Show. In our Chinese production we held the interest of the audience by a very accom-plished musical orchestra. This was led by our very able vice-president who banged on the tin cans. Others accompanied her with a gong, cymbal and an odd variety of violent noise producing instruments.

       As Freshmen we won for ourselves the reputation of giving the best parties and plays. This was obtained by giving the St. Valentine Dance, and presenting on the stage, "Two Crooks and a Lady" in conjunction with "The Patchwork Quilt." The only difficulty in portraying "Two Crooks and a Lady," was the fact that the gun failed to go off at the proper time. After the play was over we discovered the secret of shooting it, and the audience wondered what was going on back stage.

       In the Sophomore Class we again upheld our reputation by putting on a Hallowe'en Dance, and a Football Party in honor of our victorius team. During these activities we were gaining and losing class members.

       In our Junior year, we presented the play "Lady Luck" and gave the St. Patrick's Dance.

       There having been no additions to our class since our Junior year, we now have a grand total of ELEVEN members.

       During the senior year two plays were given to raise finances for our book. Both were great successes. The crowning point of our achieve-ments along the line of drama was "The Midnight Ghost," the traditional class play which met with rousing enthusiasm.

       The Class Supper proved to be a jovial affair although we realized that it means the parting of the ways. Everyone enjoyed themselves and each received slams at the end of the scrumptious dinner.

       Finally the great day arrived, everything was in a state of flurried excitement. Graduation was a joyous but still sad day. We realized that it was: GOODBYE, but we all hoped to meet again.

       So we bring this brief history of our class to a close by wishing the future seniors and everyone the best of luck and happiness.



ALVA MAE OTACHI (Al)    For sure no minutes
bring us more content than those in pleasing, use-
ful studies spent.
Born Atlantic City, New Jersey,
May 25, 19XX. Entered Greer School October 1936.
Sports: Hockey, Archery and Basketball. Member
of Choir, Dance Club, and Student Council. Presi-
dent of Class. Ambition -- Bacteriologist.
MARY LOUISE CUEVAS (Mare)    Nothing great was
ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Born Revere,
Massachusetts, September 28, 19XX. Entered Greer
School March 1932. Lived at Plum, Ledge and
Greer. Sports: Baseball. Member of Student Coun-
cil, Y.P.F. and Choir. Vice-President of Class.
Ambition -- to meet Eleanor Powell and travel.

GLORIA EVELYN MOSHIER (Glo)    The power of
thought, the magic of mind.
Born Addison, New
York, February 23, 19XX. Entered Greer School
November 1941. Lived at Ledge and Greer. Sports:
Basketball and Baseball. Member of Choir. Secre-
tary of class. Ambition -- Brain Surgeon.
WILLIAM BURGESS (Bugs)    Small skill in Latin,
and still less in Greek, Is more than adequate to all
I seek.
Born New York City, April 7, 19XX. Entered
Greer School August 1939. Lived in Gate House
and Rapallo. Sports: Football, Basketball. Member
of Choir, Y.P.F., Treasurer of Senior Class and Editor
Senior Class Year Book. Ambition -- Retire at 25.



SHIRLEY BARRETT (Shirl)    Say not that she did well
or ill, only she did her best.
Born New Brunswick, New Jersey, February 22, 19XX. Entered Greer
School February 1941. Lived at Ledge and Greer.
Sports: Hockey. Member of Dance Club, Choir,
and Young People's Fellowship. Cheerleader. Am-
bition -- Actress.
FLEATA GREGORY (Fleas)    For eyes can speak and
eyes can understand.
Born Boston, Massachusetts,
February 18, 19XX. Entered Greer School May
1937. Lived in Ledge, Crest and Greer. Sports:
Basketball and Hockey. Member of Student Coun-
cil and Young People's Fellowship. Ambition -- to

KLORA BREWSTER (Kay)    I may stand alone, but I
would not change my free thoughts for a throne.

Born in New York City, March 31, 19XX. Entered
Greer School January 1934. Lived at Greer. Fa-
vorite sports: Field Hockey, Baseball and Basket-
ball. Member of the Choir, Young People's Fellow-
ship, Dance Club, and Student Council. Ambition --
to get nice and thin, and be a nurse and go across.



VIRGINIA LEE SHERWOOD (Ginny)    How strong an
influence in well-placed words.
Born Charlotte,
North Carolina, January 9, 19XX. Entered Greer
School January 1937. Lived at Ledge, Crest, and
Greer. Sports: Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball.
Member of Choir, Young People's Fellowship and
Student Council. Cheer Leader. Ambition -- Nurse.
DORIS AUDREY HARRIS (Dot)    Life is a bundle of
little things.
Born Barrytown-on-Hudson, New
York, April 16, 19XX. Entered Greer School No-
vember 1941. Lived in Ledge and Crest. Sports: Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball. Member of
Choir. Ambition -- to travel and join the Ambu-
lance Corps.

WILLIAM JOHN ZEBROWSKI (Willie)    Good at a
fight, but better at a play, Godlike in giving, but
the devil to pay.
Born New York City, December
13, 19XX. Lived in Marcy and Gatehouse. Sports:
Football, Basketball and Hockey. Member of Stu-
dent Council and Young People's Fellowship. Am
bition -- Aviator.
JOSEPH JOHN KAISER (Joe)    I will sit down now,
but the time will come when you will hear me.

Born New York City, June 11, 19XX. Entered Greer
School November 1936. Lived in Daisy and Gate
House. Sports: Football, Hockey and Track. Mem-
ber of Student Council. Ambition -- Traveler.



       Athletics have always been a main factor of Greer School and this year, more than ever, they have helped us relieve our minds of the troubles outside our community.
       Although our football and basketball teams have not been too successful, we have had a lot of fun and the spirit and morale of our teams has been higher than that of previous years. We can't say our teams have been a failure for there is more to a game than just a score. We have developed a closer relationship with our neighboring schools, which is one of our chief aims in the competition of sports. "Pop" Sylvester has done a wonderful job with what little material he had, and we are sure that every boy enjoyed playing under him.
       In the beginning of the football season, three members of the first squad left, making a hole that was never fully patched up. In the minds of a great many, this amde the whole difference in our football season.
       Greer School never could brag about their basketball team, because the team has never had any tall boys, and this year the team has been shorter than ever. Height is the chief factor in basketball, so we tried to make up in speed what we were minus in height. We were faster than most teams we played, but our guess is that we needed a little of something else.
       Because of the lack of material and transportation, Hockey, one of our most popular sports, had to be dropped. Track, a comparitively new sport at Greer, but rapidly coming into its own, was also dropped for the same reason.
       We, the Senior Class, see a much brighter prospect for next year's sports.

       This year the sports have been curtailed to a great extent due to the gasoline rationing and transportation problem. But here at home we have broadened our interests in different types of sports and activities.
       Our fall sport was Archery in which the students learned to take their stance and hit the bullseye or so they hoped.
       Every Monday afternoon we had a Health Class and learned the application of cosmetics. In a thorough study of diseases we learned the symptoms and preventions. On Thursdays a special class was held for corrective exercises and to help the students with particular problems. Body mechanics and fencing were also taken and studied as a part of our curriculum
       The dance club was a special class for certain students who were particularly interested in ballet and the modern dance.
       We leave our equipment, "charley-horses," and aspirations for you, that are coming, and hope the future sport fiends may have as much fun as we.



Alva Otachi is now chief bacteriologist at the Philadelphia College of Science

Fleata Gregory is the first woman to travel to the moon in an airplane.

Mary Cuevas is the newest protegé of Eleanor Powell.

William Zebrowski is now the head of Transcontinental Air Lines

Gloria Moshier has just been chosen the Head Surgeon at Medical Center.

Shirley Barrett is taking the place of Helen Hayes on the legitimate stage.

Klora Brewster is the head model at the John Powers agency.

Doris Harris is now traveling in Germany as head of the Ambulance Corps.

Joseph Kaiser is the official Japanese Corpse Collector.

Virginia Sherwood is the highest officer in the United States Army Nursing Corps.

William Burgess has retired on a million after a career as a famous architect.

Mr. Fink, the famous millionaire, has opened up a home for Greer School Alumnae.



* William Oquenda
Sergeant Herman A. Schafer
P.F.C. Randolph Rudder
Robert McClellan, Seaman 2/c
Corporal Gabriel DeCaro
Robert W. Billig, Seaman 2/c
U.S.N. Cadet John McKeon
Petty Officer Thomas Richmond
A.S. Eugene O'Rourke
Private Herbert A. Cuevas
Private John Fredericks
Pilot Officer Edward Storey
Private John J. Vitolo
Private R.B. Fassett
Henry T. Widmer 5
Private Robert Nicholas
Second Lieut. Bernard Zebrowski
Sergeant Samuel Pratt
A.R.C. William Prentice
Fighter Pilot Carlton Smith
Sergeant William Stadler
Corporal John DeCaro
Private James DeCaro
Director of Red Cross Jack Heifner
Private Gloria Smith, WAVES
RAF Pilot Officer William Locke
Private Ida Mae Bell, WAVES
Sergeant Alphonse Wiehle
Private Egon Loffel
Charles Doll (Prisoner of War)
William Gilmer
Daniel Lalich
James Harrison
Lieutenant Nelson D. Bowes
P.F.C. Oscar Cardoza
M.S. 3/c Richard O'Rourke
Kasper Knutson
Private Ernest Zarakovitis
Private Walter Widmer
A.S. Ralph Immediato
A.S. James Rabold
Private Edward Neal

A.S. James P. Johnson
Corporal Richard Billig
Lieutenant Herbert Doll
Private Oscar Gabsa, Marines
Sergeant William Goewey
Private Edward A. Johnson
Private Rudolph Lahelma
Private Medico
F.C.P.O. Brian Morton
Private Verdi Nisi
Private Albert Obregon
Second Lieut. Christine Peterson
John Rankin
Second Lieut. Virginia Smith
Charles Duncan
John Well
Mitchell Rankin
Irene Jester, R.N.
A.S. Paul Zebrowski
Private William Herbold
A.S. Spencer Buchanan
M.A.C. Fred Slaton
Second Lieut. Birch Hinkley
Captain Alfred Mussen
Donald Thompson
Robert Lull
William Allen
William Carlson (Prisoner of War)
Arthur Schlamtz
Private H. Blownstine
Corporal H.B. Blake
Walter Rossler
Randolph Beaupain
Private F.M. Allen
(Nurse) E. Bohnel
P.F.C. Forbes Allen
James Burroughs
Lieutenant Samuel Schnieder
Richard Irmic
Private Richard Smith
A.S. Charles Curculis
William Mabie, Seaman 1/c
Private Robert Stillwell
Private Brownie Lalich
Peter Boykey
Robert Keene
Howard Cook
Private Herbert Cormack
Sergeant James Dunkley
Private Charles Dailey
Kenneth Davidson
George Dennis, U.S. Army
First Lieut. Louis Dinsmore
Private R.B. Fassett
G.H. Foss, Seaman 2/c
Private Marvin Gildersleeve
Private Joseph Glass
Private Frank Goodrich
Private Richard Crousett
Sergeant Charles Hafner
William Hallenbeck
Lieutenant Charles Hammill
First Lieut. Richard Klein
Private Rudolph Lah Oelma
Matthew Lightowler
Corporal Arnold Lutz
Walter McGraw
Dudley Miller
Clifford Peterson
Harold Plummer
Albert Reeves
Reserve Johnny Rogers
Reserve Douglas Rogers
Sergeant Edward Stadler
Candidate Benjamin F. Todd
Private William Todd
Elmer Van Horne
Alfred Volpe
G.N.R. John Wall
Spencer Wingate
Private Robert Witherby
Thomas Wilkinson
Edward Rossman, Marines
Edward Deeb




























Upper Social Group Get-together
Middle Group party
Upper Social Group party
Middle Group party -- Middle Group hike to Millbrook at 8:00 P.M.
Football game at Hyde Park at 2:30 P.M. Score: Roosevelt 25, Greer 0
Upper Social Group party at 8:30 P.M.
Football game at Millbrook at 2:30 P.M. Score: Millbrook 13, Greer 0
Hay ride at 8:00 P.M.
Middle Group to Bennett party at 2:00 P.M.
Upper Social Group Hallowe'en party at 8:30 P.M.
Football game with Storm King. Score: Storm King 23, Greer 7
Bennett Play -- High School girls invited -- 8:00 P.M.
Football game with Hackley School. Score: Hackley 7, Greer 6
Middle Group party -- Rapallo party by invitation
Scout and Cub Play -- Speakers: Mr. Forse and Mr. Terwillinger
Informal dance following play
Play at School -- Given by Fifth Grade at 11:30 A.M.
Thanksgiving Dinner at School at 1:00 P.M. -- Dances by Miss Burt
Hikes at 3:00 P.M. -- "Hello" Charlie (Magician) at 7:45 P.M.
Upper Social Group Informal Dance
Christmas Sale
Lower School Christmas Program -- Dance Recital -- Christmas Tableaux
Martin Play
Greer and Gatehouse Informal Party held at Greer Cottage
Mr. Irving (Magician) at school
"Dinner of the Year" at Daisy Cottage
Upper Social Group party
Middle Group party
Basketball game at Pine Plains. Score: Pine Plains 41, Greer 22
Upper Social Group party
Valentine Dance given by the tenth grade
Fellowship Dance given for the Misner Memorial
St. Patrick's Dance given by the ninth grade
Basketball game with Oakwood. Score: Oakwood 43, Greer 13
Junior Dance
12th Grade Play given at 8:00 P.M.
8th Grade Play given at 8:00 P.M.
Spring Festival at 12:00 P.M. -- Water Carnival at 2:00 P.M.
Class Picnic
Senior Supper at 6:30 P.M. -- Awards given
Senior Commencement 12:00 Noon -- Senior Dance 9:00 P.M.
Baccalaureate 11:30 P.M.

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