The 1942 Yearbook "ERE WE PART"


Published by the Graduating Class of '42
Class Colors

Blue and Silver
Class Flower

American Beauty Rose
"Learn to Live and Live to Learn"





          We, the graduating class of '42, hope that you will find

a few bits of interesting information concerning our class, its

activities and a few of the events which were most important

to us during our happy years at Greer School.

          Let it not be said that we were ungrateful.

          We, the graduating class of '42, wish to express our

sincere gratitude and earnest appreciation to the Board of

Directors, who have guided us in our Scholastic advance-


          We also wish to extend our appreciation to the teaching

staff and to our house parents whose unfailing interest and

friendly instruction throughout our school years have been

our inspiration and help.



       To Mrs. Russell Hibbs, as a small but sincere gesture of appreciation for her boundless enthu-siasm and interest in our school, We the Senior Class of 1942, take the privelege of dedicating our Year Book, ERE WE PART.




1878 - 1941

       Miss Misner, through the thirty three-three years of her association with Hope Farm and later Greer School, was the very essence of its spiritual existence. She was beloved by everyone who had the privelege of being associated with her in the various functions of her position as Assistant Director of the School, as well by all who came in contact with her. The multitude of expressions of sympathy and sorrow at her passing from this life were deep and genuine and all emphasized the incalculable services she had rendered by her unselfish devotion and loyalty, as well as the depth to which her loss would be felt by all connected with the School.

       In her capacity as Assistant Director she was constantly confronted with difficult problems. Her kindliness and tact on such occasions were always evident and her wise counsel and advice led to satisfactory and happy solutions.

       Those of us who are left to carry on the work feel the great loss we have sustained. We will ever honor her memory and strive to follow the example shown by her noble and exalted character.



Arthur W. Butler, President
Edward Pulling, Vice President Mrs. Theodore B. Russell, Secretary
Charles C. Gifford, Treasurer
Hulbert S. Aldrich Mrs. Henry R. Labouisse, Jr.
Hugh D. Auchincloss Henry R. Labouisse, Jr.
Mrs. Henry G. Barbey Mrs. David Rockefeller
The Rev. Roelif H. Brooks, S.T. D. Theodore B. Russell, M.D.
Mrs. Arthur W. Butler Mrs. Alfred Seton
Mrs. Charles C. Gifford Mrs. Frederick Sheffield
Mrs. Russell A. Hibbs Alan DeForest Smith, M.D.
Mrs. Charles B. Kaufmann The Rt. Rev. Ernest M. Stires, D.D.
Mrs. John W.F. Treadwell


Frederick G. Behrends, Director
Mapledoram Fink, Administrative Principal
M. Josephine Thomas, Supervisory Principal
Carolyn Adelsberger -- Dietician Jack Heifner -- Daisy Cottage, Physical
William Allen -- Music, Seventh Grade    Education
Nette Anderson -- Gate House Margaret Heifner -- Daisy Cottage
Ralph Anderson -- Gate House Frances S. Hull -- Ledge Cottage
Mary Arnold -- Science, Physical Education Norma Jackson -- Nurse
Lovetta Bacon -- Crest Cottage Harry Klein -- Maintenance Superintendent
Orin S. Bacon -- Supervisor of Children's Lisle Linnekin -- Clothing Buyer
   Work Marie McKinley -- Head Camp Counselor
Elizabeth Blanco -- Home Economics Nellie Morton -- Marcy Cottage
Frank Braynard -- History, Civics, Eighth Mary Nunn -- Bookkeepr
   Grade Eleanor Poole -- Main House Hostess
Elva Bersbach -- Secretary Samuel Pratt -- English, Latin, Ninth Grade
Martha Countryman -- English, Dramatics,    Advisor
   Advisor to Twelfth Grade Pauline Riley -- Science, Mathematics,
Charlotte Day -- Lower Primary    Eleventh Grade Advisor
Helen C. Fink -- Sixth Grade Mabel Sidelinger -- Fourth Grade
Ruth Fulton -- Fifth Grade Gertrude Sutton -- Plum Cottage
John Garrison -- Rapallo Cottage, Religious Donald R. Thompson -- Mathemetics, Tenth
   Education    Grade Advisor
Elizabeth Garrison -- Rapallo Cottage Eunice Vassar -- Social Worker
F. Bud Gasper -- Farm Superintendent Louise Von Fabrice -- Commercial
Louise Gregory -- Upper Primary, Library

Louise Williams -- Greer Cottage



History of the Class

           Our class is truly sorry that the students we had when we gradu-
ated from eighth grade are not here to graduate with us now. Since June 1938 we have lost eighteen members but gained five new ones.

           With us along through the last five years we have carried a repu-tation; that of being the noisiest and most troublesome class in the school, but we believe we have balanced the scale by other achievements.

           In the eighth grade our class was outstanding in producing plays such as: The Dyspeptic Ogre and The Queen of Hearts. We, too, had the largest graduating class for eighth grade.

           As freshmen the most outstanding presentation of our class was the World Fair Dance. This dance is still remembered by many.

           The tradition of giving excellent dances followed us through over the Sophomore year, the most outstanding dance being The Barn Dance.

           We, as mighty Juniors decided the school needed a new mimeo-graph machine and we also decided to have a regular issue of "We, the Students," the Junior paper. The class obtained money for the machine
by making wooden pins, with names in letters from alphabet soup. This was a great idea and reaped its reward. We also received several anony-mous funds to help buy the machine which is now the property of the school.

           Now, as Seniors, we again have the largest graduating class. Our class, in spite of its behavior and apparent lack of cooperation always manages to get things done. The Greer School Exhibit which was a head-ache to our elders because of the class, was the best exhibit of Greer School. The booklet which was published at the time of the fair was a different and outstanding piece of work also.

           As we now prepare to depart we are seized with an empty feeling and hate to leave the place we call "home." Thus we express our sincere gratitude to Greer School in general and hope those remaining and those to come in the future will enjoy and appreciate it as much as  We,  the Class of  '42.


Rogue's Gallery

    Nowhere beats the heart so kindly
    As beneath the Tartan plaid.

Born August 23, 19XX in New York City.
Entered Greer School January 11, 1934. Lived
in Rapallo. Favorite sports: Football, Hockey,
and Track. Member of Cottage Council, Rifle
Club, Y.P.F. President of Senior Class. Am-
bition -- Naval Officer.

A man that is young in years may be old in hours,
If he has lost no time.

Born December 3, 19XX in Jamaica, New York.
Came to Greer School June, 1933. Lived in
Rapallo. Member of Y.P.F., Senior Boy's Club,
Student Council and Vice-President of Senior
Class. Favorite sports: Hockey, Football, and
Track. Ambition -- Aeronautical Engineer.

              JEAN OTACHI (Jeanie)
   Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful.

Born August 9, 19XX in New York City. En-
tered Greer School October 9, 1936. Lived in
Greer. Favorite sports: Field Hockey, Archery,
and Basketball. Member of Cottage Council.
Ambition -- To travel.

              RANDOLPH RUDDER (Rub)
       It is much easier to criticize than to be correct.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, January 27, 19XX .
Entered Greer School September, 1933. Lived in
Daisy. Favorite sports: Football, Basketball, Base-
ball, Hockey, and Track. Member of Cottage
Council, Y.P.F., Rifle Club and Class Treasurer.
Ambition -- Sports Writer.



              VIOLET SMALEC (Ve)
               In charity there is no excess.

Born October 2, 19XX, New York City. Entered
Greer School June, 1931. Lived in Plum,
Ledge, Crest and Greer. Favorite sports: Archery,
Basketball, Field Hockey. Member of Student
Council, Choir, Secretary of Y.P.F., Photo-
graphic Editor of class book. Ambition -- Com-
mercial Photographer.

     In youth and beauty, wisdom is but rarely found.

Born February 1, 19XX, in Princeton, West Vir-
ginia. Entered Greer School September 2, 1937.
Member of Y.P.F., Cottage Council, Assistant
Literary Editor of class book. Favorite sports:
Field Hockey, Baseball, Swimming. Lived in
Ledge, Greer and Crest. Ambition -- Chief Air Host-
ess of T.W.A.

              ALBAN RICHEY (Rich)
           Courage is the better part of valor.

Born September 4, 19XX, New York City. En-
tered Greer School March 17, 1940. Lived in
Daisy. Favorite sports: Basketball, Football and
Track. Chairman of Y.P.F., Chairman of Greer
School Exhibit, Member of Senior Boy's Club,
Choir. Ambition -- Actor, Chemical Engineer.

                   What I think, I must speak.

Born February 4, 19XX, in Trenton, New Jersey.
Entered Greer School August 23, 1934. Lived
in Ledge, Crest and Greer. Favorite sports:
Hockey and Archery. Member of Y.P.F., Choir,
Student Council. Literary Editor for class book.
Ambition -- Commercial Artist.



   To spend too much time in study is sloth.

Born August 22, 19XX, Bronx, New York. En-
tered Greer School August, 1939. Lived in Gate
House and Daisy. Favorite sports: Track, Foot-
ball, Basketball. Member of Y.P.F., Senior Club.
Ambition -- Editorial Editor.

             EDWARD NEAL (Ed)
             Stout heart, and open hand.

Born August 31, 19XX in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Entered Greer School June 1, 1939. Lived in
Daisy. Favorite sports: Football, Hockey, Basket-
ball, Track. Member of Y.P.F., Senior Boy's
Club, Editor-in-Chief of class book, Captain of
Football and Track teams. Ambition -- Commer-
cial Artist or Sports Coach.

           RICHARD BILLIG (Bilge)
               It is good to live and learn.

Born August 31, 19XX, New York City. Entered
Greer School June 29, 1935. Lived at Rapallo
and Daisy. Favorite sports: Baseball, Hockey,
Football and Track. Member of Senior Boy's Club.
President of Rifle Club. Ambition -- to be affiliated
in some way with athletics.



     Whilst I yet live, let me not live in vain.

Born November, 19XX, New Brunswick, New
Jersey. Entered Greer School March, 1936. Lived
in Gate House. Favorite sports: Baseball, Foot-
ball, and Basketball. Member of Cottage Coun-
cil, Y.P.F. Ambition -- Writer.

  Be to her virtues very kind; be to her faults a
        little blind.

Born November 11, 19XX, Brooklyn, New York.
Entered Greer School February, 1940. Lived in
Crest. Favorite sports: Basketball, Hockey. Mem-
ber of Y.P.F., Cheer-leader. Ambition -- Model.

 To enjoy life is to excel in the hearts of men!

Born November 20, 19XX, Manhattan. Entered
Greer School December 26, 1928. Favorite sports:
Swimming, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball. Lived
in Plum and Greer. Member of Student Council,
Y.P.F., Choir. Ambition -- Physical Education
Teacher, Swimming Instructor.



               Life is what you make it.

Born January 10, 19XX, Chicago, Illinois. En-
tered Greer School June 6, 1936. Lived in Crest,
Ledge, Greer. Favorite sports: Basketball, Base-
ball, Field Hockey. Member of Student Council,
Choir, Treasurer of Y.P.F., Cheer-leader. Am-
bition -- Public Health Nurse.

            A man is but what he knoweth.

Born March 11, 19XX, New York City. Entered
Greer School March 28, 1934. Lived in Marcy,
Gate House and Rapallo. Member of Cottage Coun-
cil. Favorite sports: Hockey and Football. Ambi-
tion -- Ambassador to Russia.

         FUSA-KO HIRATA (Fu)
There is little friendship in the world, and least
        of all between equals.

Born July 6, 19XX in Wakefield, Rhode Island.
Entered Greer School January 31, 1938. Lived
at Crest. Favorite sports: Basketball and Base-
ball. Assistant Photographic Editor of class book.
Ambition -- Private Secretary.



Boys' Sports

       At Greer School sports are becoming more and more popular each year. Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball make up the major sports.

       This year the Football team did exceptionally well, considering the fact that last year's team was very outstanding and it is unusual for a team to keep winning year after year. Although, with such handicaps as size and weight, our football team was better than average. The greatest victory for our team this past season was the fact that we defeated our old rival, Romford School, for the first time after seven years of hard trying.

       Greer hasn't put out a winning basketball team for three years and this year's team didn't break the spell either. Our material is good but height is a big factor in basketball and although our boys didn't have it, they tried hard despite the odds against them, and played good ball most of the season.

       Hockey is always a popular sport here and it is the opinion of many that our hockey and baseball teams were the best teams put out at Greer throughout the year. The success of the baseball team should go to our pitcher, Herbert Cuevas, who took the brunt of the pitching throughout the long season. He had to pitch every game because he was our only pitcher and he did a grand job of it, too. Herb struck out more batters and gave less hits than any other pitcher Greer has ever produced. So the Senior Class hopes and wishes that Herb keeps on pitching and maybe some day he will make a name for himself in the sport world.

       Although we have not excelled in all sports, we can say that we are proud of the reputation we have acquired in sport spirit.

Girls' Sports

       The girls, this year, have had a more successful year in basketball than in field hockey. For the past three years the varsity team was continually defeated by Oakwood's stronger basketball team. This year we beat them in our last game which the graduating class of 1942 shall never forget. The score was 37-36. We feel as though we are leaving stronger teams behind and hope in years to come our competitors will not even have a chance.

       By the time this book is completed and in the hands of all, we believe that we will have just as successful a year in baseball as in basketball.


Class Prophecies for 1954

Violet Smalec is the youngest chairman ever to be had by the New York
       City Social Welfare Worker Organization.
Peter Boykey just discarded his stripes and swears he is going straight
       from now on.
Elaine Hirsch is now the head of the Commercial Arts Department at
       Rhode Island College and has been recognized as possessing the
       largest library in the world.
John Fredericks, the mad scientist, has just discovered a new way to
       extract radium from peanut shells.
Mary High, Chief Hostess of T.W.A. Airlines, made a new rule book
       for hostesses. Rule No. 1 -- "They may get married."
Joan Lyon is now the head of the Henry Street Public Nursing Station.
William Herbold just received an anonymous donation of one discarded
       soap box situated at the edge of the park in Columbus Circle.
Edward Neal at long last has thrown out that Boston accent and gone
       South to catch up on the southern "Yo ahll." *
Vivian Goewey is now the new gym instructor at Oakwood. (P.S. --
       And is almost as good as Miss P----. Greer beat them in Basketball
       64-0! Easy, Tiv!)
Robert Kirchenbauer has just been made President of the Acme Christ-
       mas Card Company. (P.S. "No Credit!! CASH AND CARRY!)
Robert McClellan is now on his way to the White House where he will
       be made Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet.
Jean Otachi was fully enticed into remaining in one place long enough
       to give a lecture on her foriegn travels.
Fusa Hirata is now photographic director of M.G.M Studios, which she
       recently moved to Staten Island.
Elsie Weiss -- My! My! :What do you know!" Elsie is now the sole
       owner of Ahoma Inn, Martha's Vineyard. Remember when she
       was a waitress there?
Randolph Rudder, the world's greatest all sportsman just returned from
       breaking his all time records in Tokyo.
Richard Billig -- Well, at last Randy Rudder's record has been beaten
       by his all time rival. Rich certainly has Ran feeling blue.
Alban Richey has just received the singing lead in the New Broadway
       play, "Central Park at Night."

*(Ed. note: It's "Y'all", y'all! Y'heah? Just couldn't let that one by w/o correction.)



                 JUNIOR CLASS

     First Row (left to right) -- Doris Harris,
Betty Markham, Shirley Barrett, Gloria Moshier.

     Second Row (left to right) -- Klora Brewster,
Alva Otachi, Mary Cuevas, Elma Gabsa.

     Third Row (left to right) -- William Zebrowski,
William Burgess, Virginia Sherwood, Fleata Gregory,
Joseph Kaiser, Spencer Buchanan.
               SOPHOMORE CLASS

     First Row -- Wayne Holton, Elaine Ardrey
Jacqueline Flower, Wanda Horton, Eva Prophopiv
Phyllis Williams, Edna Vose

     Second Row -- Jimmie Morton, Claude Starnes,
Vera Vitalo, Viola Branchard, Theodore Bantz,
Herbert Cuevas, James Kittares.

     Third Row -- John Slator, Arthur Hayman,
Dorcas Taylor, Helen Preston, Norma Howard,
Jimmie Rabold, Robert Cheston.

               FRESHMAN CLASS

     First Row -- George Harris, Pat Behnke,
Eleanor Reager, Helen Wehenkel, Mary Gannas,
June Markham, David Hayter, Raphael Lopez.

     Second Row -- Ole Aoyagi, James Johnson,
Alvin Williams, Eddie Orr, Joyce Richard,
Evelyn Brown, Jean Elms, Angelo DeCaro,
William Davis, Robert Ramirez, Ed Bunn.

     Third Row -- William Kemp, Carol Dehn,
Joan McClellan, Francis Bunn, Howard Hughes,
Red Lucas.

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