The 1932 Yearbook

Administrative Principal
Mapledoram Fink

Supervisory Principal

M. Josephine Thomas

Class Teacher
Ethel Haines

"Four things a man must learn to do,
  If he would make his record true:
  To think without confusion clearly;
  To love his fellow man sincerely;
  To act from honest motives purely:
  To trust in God and Heaven securely."
Henry Van Dyke




Blue and Silver


    At last Hope Farm School has attained

the dignity of a four year high school, and

we, the pioneer class, wish to express our

appreciation to the Board of Directors and

the faculty who have made possible this


    We hope that our conscientious efforts

will be augmented by the classes to follow,

until the anticipations of the founders will

be fulfilled in a school whose spirit, loyalty

and scholarship are unexcelled.


Virginia Mantell

James Burroughs

Betty Abel

George Bacon
President High School Association

Hoover Mountcastle


  We, the Class of 1932 being in as good a

mental condition as usual, and in a much

better temper than ever before, make this

our will, to be executed AFTER our de-

parture (if possible).

  To the history of the Hope Farm School

we leave our names and deeds, which we

hope are considered worthy of the standard

which we have strived to attain.

  To our principals and faculty, we leave

a sincere and grateful appreciation for their

unfailing patience and help.

  To our beloved juniors we reluctantly

leave our prestige and importance in the

school; our privileges (we hope you will

not abuse them) and our reputation (which

we hope, you will at least continue).

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Courtesy of Hoover Mountcastle Jr.

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